Todd Miller quoted in Agent\’s Sales Journal

\"Agent\'sFWAHU member Todd Miller is quoted in this month\’s issue of Agent\’s Sales Journal, a popular industry magazine. The artcle, written by ASJ editor Christina Pellet, is entitled \”Exclusive Study: Employers Turn to Voluntary Benefits, Cost Sensitive Products.\”

As Pellet points out, the past year has seen some tremendous changes. Due to company closings and layoffs, many agents have fewer or smaller accounts than they did a year ago, and they\’re under tremendous pressure to deliver products that can better meet the needs of today\’s employers. And that means changing the way we do business.

But Miller, the eternal optimist, insists that he\’s having fun: \”I think if you continue to learn, we\’ve got a great job and a great industry…We\’re on the side of our clients, so we get to learn along with them.\”

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