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“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.” -unknown

Volunteers: The Heart of NABIP–FW

At NABIP–FW, every hand on deck is a volunteer hand. Our entire organization thrives on the passion, commitment, and dedication of individuals like you who choose to go the extra mile, not just as members but as volunteers. From our Executive Committee to our support team, everyone brings their unique skills and experiences to support, build, and grow the association.

Interested in volunteering on the NABIP–FW Board or a Committee?  Contact the President today!

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The EC Board: The Power of Service

Our Executive Committee (EC) – President, President-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary, are not just positions but symbols of service. These roles are filled by elected volunteers, exemplifying leadership and commitment, and paving the path for our association’s growth.

Beyond Membership: The Spirit of Leadership

Becoming a member at NABIP–FW is just the beginning. Our various committees – from professional development, legislative, and PAC to awards, golf, membership, and public service – are platforms for you to become a driving force in our community. Volunteering with these committees is your opportunity to make an impact beyond your membership, fostering the growth and influence of the association.

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Giving Back: Where Passion Meets Purpose

At NABIP–FW, we believe in not just growing but growing together. Our drive to give back to our community is a fundamental part of our ethos. We raise funds for noble causes like Gil’s Children, participate in Cowtown Brush Up, donate coats to people experiencing homelessness, feed the community, and participate in events like the Cowtown Brush Up.

Our public service chair coordinates these significant events and welcomes our members to volunteer and contribute. Whether helping with event organization or participating in service, there’s always an opportunity for you to make a difference.

Ready to Contribute? Join Us Today!

At NABIP–FW, you’re not just volunteering; you’re becoming part of a journey — a journey of service, commitment, and impact. Whether serving on a board, being part of a committee, or giving back to the community, there’s a place for everyone to lend a hand.

Join us today, and let’s make a difference together. As a NABIP–FW volunteer, your passion can shape our association, community, and world’s future.

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