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NABIP–Fort Worth Chapter proudly supports a number of charities and public service projects, including the following:

NABIP–TX Honorees Corporation

The NABIP–TX Honorees Corporation is a nonprofit 501c3 public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes. The specific and primary purposes for which this Corporation is formed include providing scholarships to college students as well as other designated charitable activities. This objective may be achieved through:

  • Pairing specific tuition needs from selected institutions with prospective recipients;
  • Receiving, holding, and disbursing contributions, gifts, grants, real and personal property, bequests, devises, and other funds for the above purposes;
  • Making, performing, and carrying out contracts of every kind for any lawful purpose, without limit as to the amount;
  • Assisting in the formation of additional scholarships as the interest in implementing such scholarships arises.
  • Assisting our members who are suffering or who may have incurred devastating losses as a result of natural disasters.

Current Scholarships:

Team of diverse volunteers in blue uniform making notes, calculating, sorting and packing items in cardboard boxes while working together on donation project indoors. Charitable foundation

NABIP Foundation

The NABIP Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps the public stay informed about the public and private health insurance options available to them. The foundation creates educational materials for the American public about private health insurance options, whether consumers are buying health insurance coverage on their own, purchasing coverage through the exchange, or signing up for a plan through their employer. The foundation also assists those needing coverage who may be eligible for public programs like Medicare, Medicaid, or children’s health insurance programs.

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Gill Children’s Services

Gill Children’s Services is a funding source of last resort that provides a safety net for Tarrant County, Texas children whose medical, dental, physical, social, psychological or educational needs have not been met by other community resources.

Every day in Tarrant County, children go without the treatment and services they desperately need. Medication, diapers, prosthetics, root canals and eyeglasses are just some of the needs for which families turn to us for help. For many, Gill is the last resort and only hope for assistance.

For several years, NABIP–Fort Worth has partnered with Gill to help Tarrant County children who are in need of assistance. Gill is one of the charities we raise money for at our annual golf tournament as well as other events throughout the year.

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