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Join our vibrant community at the NABIP–Fort Worth Chapter, a proud part of the National Association of Benefit and Insurance Professionals. We represent a diverse network of health insurance professionals, tirelessly working to balance comprehensive health coverage with escalating medical costs. As a NABIP–FW member, you’ll gain access to advanced educational opportunities, professional networking, and robust advocacy efforts. Discover the intersection of learning, growth, and advocacy at the NABIP–Fort Worth Chapter.

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As an insurance agent, you are committed to your clients. At NABIP–FW, we echo that commitment for our members. With the latest industry insights, robust networking platforms, legislative advocacy, and exclusive member benefits, we amplify your professional growth. By joining NABIP–Fort Worth Chapter, you contribute to industry-wide development and partake in the rewarding journey of collective progress.

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Congrats Clifton Stubbs

NABIP–Fort Worth 2022-2023 Donna Carnall Recipient: Cliff!

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Your Path to Professional Distinction

Elevate your professional expertise with NABIP–FW’s Continuing Education courses and a multitude of Certification and Recognition Programs. We’ve partnered with esteemed institutions to offer member-discounted programs, providing essential knowledge in specialized fields like Employee Benefits and Disability Income. Stand out with designations such as Registered Employee Benefits Consultant (REBC) or Disability Income Associate (DIA), or become certified in burgeoning fields like Long-Term Care or Medicare. Plus, get recognized through programs like the Leading Producers Round Table, reflecting your contributions and accomplishments in our industry. With NABIP–FW, boost your knowledge and recognition in the dynamic field of insurance.

NABIP–FW also puts you in touch with an array of Continuing Education (CE) courses, ensuring our members stay informed, up-to-date, and eligible for CE credits in line with state insurance regulatory requirements.

Why Join NABIP–Fort Worth?

Elevate your career as an insurance professional by joining NABIP–Fort Worth Chapter. We strive to create an environment that fuels professional growth, facilitates valuable connections, and fosters advocacy. Here are just a few compelling reasons to become a part of our dynamic community:

Professional Enhancement

Receive cutting-edge education and training to enhance your expertise and credibility in the insurance sector.

Legislative Advocacy

Benefit from our robust efforts to protect and promote the interests of insurance professionals at both state and federal levels.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with a diverse community of agents, brokers, and professionals, fostering relationships that can open doors for career advancement.

Stay Informed

Gain access to the most current industry information, helping you stay ahead and navigate the changing landscape of health insurance.

Recognition Programs

Achieve recognition for your success and contribution through our distinctive recognition programs.

Tools & Resources

Utilize our extensive tools, resources, and publications to grow your business and better serve your clients.

Member Discounts

Enjoy exclusive member discounts on business services, helping you optimize your operations and maximize your profits.

Uplifting Agents, Serving Consumers

NABIP–Fort Worth Chapter is committed to empowering consumers with knowledge and protection, achieved via the ongoing professional advancement of our members. We staunchly believe that every health insurance agent’s participation enriches not only their own practice but fortifies the industry they’ve chosen as their career path. Your profession, our passion.

Please note our new registration policy: Registrations not made online and paid prior to the membership meeting/luncheon/event will incur a $5 additional fee.

Engage and Learn with NABIP–Fort Worth Events

Join us for monthly Luncheon & Membership Meetings, CE classes, and more. These events are curated to promote connection, teamwork, and constant enrichment and provide the perfect stage to encounter fellow professionals, explore industry shifts, and acquire valuable knowledge that can propel your career forward. Leverage these distinctive experiences to establish relationships and thrive within the NABIP–FW community.

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