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Welcome to the NABIP–Fort Worth Education page, your one-stop resource for knowledge enrichment and career advancement.

Your Lifelong Learning Journey

Continuing Education (CE) and active participation in Designations, Certifications, and Recognition are instrumental in staying ahead in the evolving insurance industry. CEs ensure your knowledge stays current and relevant, enhancing your professional credibility. Further, pursuing Designations and Certifications signals a dedication to expertise and professionalism. Participating in Recognition programs not only adds value to your career but also fosters a sense of accomplishment and motivation. Engage in these pathways for career development and contribute to a high standard of service within the industry.

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Keeping up with Agent Continuing Education Requirements is key for success in the ever-evolving insurance industry. The Texas Department of Insurance ensures that every licensed professional meets the necessary CE requirements. Visit to check your status for CE requirements. See Events for classes.

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In our steadfast commitment to professional growth, we have formed significant partnerships with esteemed institutions like The American College, America’s Health Insurance Plans, and the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification. Through these collaborations, NABIP–FW members benefit from discounted registration fees and access to a range of online courses, which can culminate in industry-respected designations and certifications.

Simultaneously, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our members with robust recognition programs. At NABIP–FW, we honor the exceptional contributions made by our community members, fostering a culture where excellence is not just expected but celebrated. Elevate your credentials and join us in a commitment to continued learning and industry recognition.

Join us and be a part of this enriching journey. Let’s learn, grow, and excel together!
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