Todd Miller Named to \”40 Under 40\” List

\"FortyFWAHU is excited to announce that one of our own, Todd Miller, President of Worth Benefits & Consultants, Inc., was recently named to the “40 Under 40” by the Ft. Worth Business Press. 40 Under 40 is an honor awarded to 40 people under the age of 40 that stand out for outstanding business practices and community involvement.

Todd is an active member of the Ft. Worth community and the Fort Worth Association of Health Underwriters.

Todd’s background is exciting and different to many leaders in the business community. As Todd puts it, “If it sounds like a bad idea, I’ll probably try it twice.” Through out-of-the-box ideas, Todd has created a unique understanding of business and insurance.

As founder and President of Worth Benefits, Todd has created a model for small to mid-market companies and individuals based on the large market he was trained in. “Through technology and relationships, Worth Benefits creates a unique approach to companies and individuals that has never existed in the small to mid-market”, says Todd.

Through FWAHU, Todd mentions that he has created many great friendships and partnerships in the insurance community that have helped him make Worth Benefits the leader in employee benefits and individual coverage. “Without the partnerships in our association I would not be where I am today.”

Join FWAHU in congratulating Todd for such an awesome achievement and honor. With many members that stand out in our association and community, FWAHU really exemplifies what NAHU strives for: leadership in our profession and leadership in our communities.

To read more about Todd’s 40 Under 40 honor visit the link below.

Forty Under Forty 2009 (turn to page 27) 

Read Todd\’s Bio

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