November President\’s Message


If you are spooked this month I hope it\’s because it\’s Halloween and not because of Health Care Reform. Voting is an important tool we all have available to us and hopefully you have exercised that right to vote or soon will. As a member, you have access to real world material about Health Care Reform from NAHU\’s site. In addition to voting and participating in our association, you can get your voice heard by doing the Operation Shout\’s. (They are EASY!!! Click the link and the information is already typed up for your to mail or email to the powers that be. It takes less than one minute. If you do send one, please notify me as we track this for our chapter for awards.) 

November\’s luncheon will be a great one to attend. Our very own, past president, Audra Sullivan will be teaching a 2 hr CE ( click here to register and see the 12 month calendar at the back of this newsletter) and Kasey Buckner will give us a legislative update.

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