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\"survey-blog-670x4521\"I recently had a very frustrating experience with an unnamed TV and Internet provider.  After a few attempts to correct an IT issue with my service and a 2-hour phone call, I finally decided to call it quits.  Having no contract in place, I gave the company one last chance to make it right and, after rejection, I started the process to change to different a service.  Once the new service was installed, I called back my “bad” provider and asked for my cancellation.  What was most disheartening was that after I worked through changing my service, that “the bad” company started to throw out apologies and very strong offers to keep me as a customer.  Unfortunately, it was too little too late!

As I was thinking over this month’s membership article, my experience above made me realize that as a leader of the Fort Worth Association of Health Underwriters, it is my job to make sure we are meeting the needs of our membership; as well as, providing our membership high level detail on the value one’s membership brings to them in working in our industry BEFORE you decide it is not worth the price of membership.

Our association is made up of folks that work in all areas of the industry.  We are carriers, general agents, agencies, those who focus on group, individual, and senior products.  Collectively, we can network and support one another in our daily business but we cannot do that without membership participation!  Annually, the chapter sends out an invitation for a membership survey; as well as, invites the membership to our annual Strategic Planning Meeting to participate in helping the chapter provide meeting content that meets the needs of the membership.   I highly encourage, you, the member to participate in these activities; in addition to, letting us know how we are doing so that we can continue to provide you the most value for your membership.

What else is your NAHU/TAHU/FWAHU doing for you? In addition to the local monthly membership meetings, networking and continuing education opportunities, NAHU is:


  • NAHU currently has almost 20,000 members with over 200 chapters across the country and represents 100,000 professional health insurance agents and brokers.
  • One of our greatest assets is our voice on important issues of the day. This year we transitioned to new grassroots system to strengthen our collective voice at the federal and state level. In 2014, more than 3,500 members took part to send over 10,000 messages to legislators about our important issues.

 Agent Finder Tool:

  • NAHU is pleased to announce our newly created “Agent-Finder” website that focuses on promoting the role of agents/brokers and directing visitors to NAHU’s “Find an Agent” feature. This first phase of NAHU’s national advertising campaign, which was launched last Tuesday, also includes 176 Google searched health insurance-related keywords such as “health insurance agent,” “affordable health plans” and “finding cheap health insurance.” Additionally, we’ve created 39 new ads so as an individual searches for one of our keywords such as “buy healthcare coverage” in Google, the user will see the new \”Agent-Finder\” website link in the \”Ads\” section of the search results. WE encourage you to promote the “Agent-Finder” website and share with all of your clients.

 NAHU in the News:

  • NAHU had more than 7,600 press hits in a variety of different top-tier media.
  • NAHU’s first phase of the National Media Campaign included the creation of a new Agent-Finder website that focused on promoting the role of agents and brokers and directing visitors to NAHU’s Find an Agent feature.  The first phase also included 176 Google-searched health insurance-related keywords along with 39 new internet advertisements.
  • NAHU’s second and final phase of our National Media Campaign included a national radio tour and an internet ad campaign that provided members with five internet ad templates as well as a Facebook ad template.
  • NAHU created a regional and state-wide campaign to garner more Brokers Making a Difference (BMD) testimonials. The contest ran from December 1, 2014, through February 15, 2015. We created a webpage strictly for the campaign and a submission webpage where members and clients can submit their stories as well as find ready-to-go email templates and promotional tools. The campaign received much support from members, with over 100 stories submitted. That resulted in the creation of 50 state booklets that were distributed at Capitol Conference.
  • NAHU began the process of overhauling our BMD website by updating the content and providing a fresh new look.
  • NAHU launched a social media campaign for the Vanguard Council on Facebook to introduce and promote their mission to the public and membership using interactive techniques and social media strategies.
  • NAHU supported California’s No on Proposition 45 campaign by distributing several press releases, promoting its message to consumers in broadcast features such as Employee Benefit Adviser’s “Benefits Bits” podcast and many top-tier media outlets.

 Government Affairs:

  • NAHU staff made 223 visits to Capitol Hill, White House offices and federal agencies to advocate on behalf of the association’s legislative priorities.
  • NAHU staff attended 91 political meetings and 33 federal agency meetings.
  • NAHU staff attended 210 fundraisers on behalf of HUPAC.
  • NAHU staff attended 50 briefings from Inside-the-Beltway groups.
  • NAHU staff attended 32 hearings and 148 coalition meetings.
  • This year, HUPAC backed 210 candidates with a 91% success rate. In 2012, by comparison, HUPAC backed 254 candidates and had a 76% success rate.
  • Over the last year, the D.C. team attended over 200 events to educate and form strong relationships with members of Congress.
  • NAHU members attended 54 local events and contributed over $55,000 HUPAC dollars to candidates in their district in the last nine months of 2014.

Above all, we want you to know that if you are in this business and making a living you owe it to your clients and your industry to support the organization that is supporting and fighting for your livelihood!

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