The Power of You(Tube)

\"\"As I was running at the gym the other night, a CNN headline caught my eye. Across the country, universities are incorporating YouTube into the college application process. The segment focused on a handful of eager high school seniors who were out to prove they were the most deserving candidates for the limited admission slots they sought. The YouTube component of their applications provided insight into the personalities and eccentricities of these students. Admission counselors at the universities praised the integration of the new medium into the admission process claiming that it allowed them to see the applicants from a new, more personal angle. No longer were they a combination of test scores, class ranks and essays. With the YouTube component, the students became living human beings.

The classic admissions essay was limited to a 500 word, one-shot-only chance at expressing the passions, desires and likeable qualities about a student. However, this self expression was destined to fail in achieving its end goal. When we communicate, the words we speak (or write) only convey about 7% of our intended message. The remaining 93% is captured in vocalics and kenisics. Tone, pitch, gestures and posture bring life to the words.

If the traditional higher education institutions can embrace the new mediums available to them, so can you. Take a page out of the college admissions book and realize that much like these anxious high school seniors, you too must learn to capitalize on the opportunity to bring a personal element to your business.  Relationships are the basis of your business. With the power of online video, you can now become more than a 500 word “About Us” section that greets the traffic on your website.  No longer are you limited to sharing only 7% of your message.

You have the ability to express what makes you and your business unique before you even meet a prospect face-to-face. You can share the person behind the business – the person that both creates and sustains the relationships.  With a few easy steps, you can transform the story about your business and proclaim your mission in a memorable way. You can provide the personal leverage points that will allow viewers to connect with you and your company. The message comes from you and YouTube helps you leverage the power of being personal.

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