NAHU Membership Drive – Please Help


In this time of uncertainty in our industry, your membership in this association is more important than ever and we need your help!

FWAHU is one of the largest NAHU chapters in our state!

We should be very proud of this accomplishment, but the challenge is to stay there!

I challenge each and every member of this association to reach out and bring in at least one new member in the next two months.

We all know someone who should be a member, but just hasn’t taken the plunge yet for whatever reason. Maybe you know someone who was a former member and got lost in the shuffle of a job change? Please call that person TODAY and get them involved.

They may sign up online through the NAHU website or fill out a paper application and fax it to Danielle Kunkle at 817-249-8600.

There are options to put the membership on monthly bank/credit card draft for $26.66 per month or pay annually for $320. They can contact any board member for assistance and I am making a personal commitment to make the process as simple as possible.

In addition, NAHU is having a nationwide membership drive on April 8th, and I will be sending out details in the next day or two asking for a few volunteers who might be willing to call 5 – 10 names that I’ll distribute to you – from your own office or home – that day and report back on whether anyone joined or is interested in learning more. Details to follow shortly…..

As your membership chairperson, I will always be available to answer questions or take applications over the phone and my email address is I am waiting to hear from you!

Danielle Kunkle

FWAHU Membership Chair, 2008-09


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