Message from New FWAHU President Kelly Dills

\"AWell, here it is…. my first message as the President of the Fort Worth Association of Health Underwriters. In thinking about my term and what I want the chapter to achieve, it really comes down to a couple of things:


There are thousands of Health Insurance Professionals in the Fort Worth and Mid- Cities area, some dealing with group insurance, some with individual and some with Medicare. I want to foster an environment where we gather all types of producers within this industry, to meet, learn and network in order to make our profession stronger.


This chapter has been rewarded for the incredible people we have had leading us, by winning large Chapter of the Year for the last three years straight; four of the last five years. I want to continue the standard that has been set by previous leaders of our organization. I am honored to hold this position in our chapter and I will work hard to maintain the level of excellence that has been displayed by our leadership for many years.


The phrase that I have heard that hits close to my heart is that FWAHU, TAHU and NAHU are “career insurance” for the agent and the industry. We are living in a volatile time with the U. S. Congress and State Legislature scrutinizing every aspect of what we do for a living. The lobbying efforts of our organization, alone, are enough to justify the price of membership. There is a much greater value that we can derive from our membership, however, and that is why we will kick off our chapter year with a program on “What Can Your Association Do for You?” This program will detail the tools, networking opportunities and personal and professional growth available to our members.

This month’s newsletter includes some comments from current board members about the opportunities they have found by their membership in our chapter. These same types of opportunities are available to everyone who wants to get involved.

Throughout the course of this chapter year, we will try to provide education, useful information and camaraderie that provide value to our membership. Our programs will include such topics as:

  • LTC
  • The Single Payer System
  • The NAHU Healthy Access Plan
  • Medicare
  • Rebating
  • Individual Medical
  • Business Overhead Expense
  • The Psychology of Call Reluctance
  • Legislative Initiatives in the New Congress

We want to encourage every member to bring someone to the July meeting; someone who is not a member or someone who just doesn’t attend regularly. Each member who brings a non-member will have their name put into a drawing to win a free lunch at a future meeting for them and their guest.

FWAHU is a group that works hard, plays hard, achieves success and develops great friendships along the way. Come see what makes this chapter the best in Texas.

Better yet, GET INVOLVED and experience it for yourself!

-Kelly Dills, FWAHU President 2008-09

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