Letter to the President – Eric Johnson

\"LetterI wanted to briefly recognize the outstanding job you did directing the local branch of our association this past chapter year. As the media chair, I enjoyed seeing the thought process behind the decisions and the way in which you made each and every member of the board feel as though we had a part in the way our members were serviced throughout the term year! There is no doubt in my mind why FWAHU earned yet another Large Chapter of the Year award… It was your leadership, vision and commitment!

Now, for those who have never served… Why Not? I have been in this association for less than 3 years now, and can honestly say my membership did in fact mean nothing until I got involved. Sure I got some useful CE and a good meal once a month, but if you are not actively involved, you\’re missing out on so much more. The friendships made, the fun had and the accomplished feeling when you see the work you\’ve done making a difference is more rewarding than any crème brule at the end of a satisfying lunch!

You also are more attuned to your industry and the impact you as an active member can have on it when you\’re actually living it through your involvement! These conventions, legislative events, and luncheons all build on your foundation within this industry. It also strengthens so many other facets of your professional life as you become privy to what it takes to run this association and the manner in which it must run to ensure the value we intend for it is met in each member!

OK, so I\’ve rambled on enough, and just leave you with the though that if a mere Underwriter has this desire to help our industry, think of all the possibilities abound if Brokers, Agencies, General Agents, etc. have a place at the table to direct our industry and this association into the future as well! It would be something amazing I am sure! We will always need collaboration at every level, from every member, experienced and inexperienced, so please do something, anything to promote it, support it, heck share it with any and all you meet!

-Rob Wendling, FWAHU Media Chair 2007-08

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