Here\’s What You Missed – February 2015

This month FWAHU hosted a program focused on PEO\’s.  G&A Partners, Grace Jaen presenting the continuing education course \”PEOs – Sleeping with the Frienmy\”  (Provider # 94566, Course # Pending) and outlined when it is best to use a PEO for a competitive edge, and how PEO’s can be used for additional revenue streams.

Additionally, the chapter hosted the Women\’s Center of Tarrant County. Every year almost 100,000 women, men and children of all ages, ethnic and economic backgrounds are served by The Women\’s Center.  They seek hope, emotional healing, solutions to family crisis, and help find a job or a path to a better life.  The serious problems they bring are divesting – rape and child sexual abuse, unemployment, wages too low to keep a family together, deep depression, and desperate situations created by family violence and poverty.  Along with some cash donations, members collected teddy bears, gas cards, various office supplies, and decorative journals to support their efforts.


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