Contact Info: PEOs & Payroll Companies

\"\"At our September luncheon we had a great panel discussion about PEOs and Payroll Companies moderated by Sharon Alt followed by a one-hour CE class presented by Rachael Alt. FWAHU would like to thank all of our speakers, panelists, and sponsors.  Below is their contact info.

Sharon Alt | Alt Bentley Yates



Rachael Alt | Alt Bentley Yates



Jennifer Jones | Paychex



Jay Butcher | Netchex

985-220-1410 office / 985-807-7901 cell  


Ken Barge | ESI

972-719-9149 office / 214-477-0814 cell


Barry Humphries | AlphaStaff (contact Mike McKnight)



Michele Woodham | OneSource Benefit Solutions / Odyssey OneSource

817-508-7576 office / 817-657-2457 cell


Andrew Gwynn | HR Fix

214-733-8555 office / 972-345-8265 cell

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