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\"MediaHow to Gain Control of a Media Interview

We have received a number of calls lately from members who needed some pointers on how to stay on message when being interviewed by a potentially hostile reporter.  Health care reform is front and center right now so we all need to be prepared for those tough questions as well as know how to regain control of the interview.

The goal of “bridging” is to:

  • Steer a reporter back to relevant topics and key messages if he or she loses focus or seems to go off on an unimportant tangent.
  • Move away from controversial topics and back on to key messages.
  • End every answer to every question with a prepared, strategic message.

Some Reliable Bridges:

  • What’s important to remember is…
  • Before we move on to another subject, I want to add…
  • Even more important…
  • Your viewers should also remember…
  • You make a good point there, but our main consideration was…
  • Let me take a step back…
  • What the public needs to understand…

No spinning, fudging or skirting! 

Instead of “no comment,” bridge by saying:

  • I don’t know the exact number, but I can tell you…
  • I don’t know; I’ll be happy to help you find out, but what’s important here is…

Check Out These New Resources

There are both new talking points and a helpful PowerPoint presentation you can use during your August Recess efforts. We know a lot of you are doing presentations for your local Chamber of Commerce as well as holding town hall meetings—help speak with “one voice” by utilizing these helpful tools available to you.

A new employer mandate editorial is also available. You can submit it to your local papers as-is, or you can add local information and personal stories to make it more appealing to readers in your area.

NAHU in the News

NAHU was featured more than 20 news stories this week, reaching an audience of 1.5 million people. You can access the major stories, including articles from Employee Benefits Advisor and National Underwriter on the NAHU in the News webpage.


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