\”The Sharon Show\” a HUGE Success

\"\"Past President Sharon Alt flew in from New Orleans to host a \”daytime talk show\” for FWAHU on Thursday, January 12th.  Modeling her program after Ellen (dancing, shoes, and all), she interviewed guests before a packed house on a wide range of topics, including upcoming FWAHU meetings, new technology  and new education opportunities for the new year, legislation, and some fresh business ideas.

FWAHU also unveiled its new smart phone app, designed by Mama Frog Apps – something that\’s sure to gain attention nationwide.

\"\"But the highlight of the show was Sharon\’s interview with Misty Baker. After stepping down as TAHU President-Elect a few months ago, Misty finally got to tell her side of the story. We\’re please to report that Misty is happier and healthier in the new year and may have a big announcement soon. Stay tuned…

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