Thank You 2014 HUPAC and TAHUPAC Contributors!

Few other industries are as heavily regulated as health insurance. Therefore, your success, and that of your clients, is directly dependent upon the actions of Congress. It is absolutely critical that we help those congressional candidates who support private-sector health insurance.

HUPAC and TAHUPAC contributes to majority and minority party candidates, incumbents and challengers alike. Because it is non-partisan, it does not represent the interests of any political party.  Contributions to both PACs allows us to support candidates both National and Texas State candidates.
FWAHU would like to thank the following PAC Contributors!

2014 HUPAC Contributors

Audra Sullivan Lorelei Gross
Barbara Murray Michael Smith
Beth Christensen Robert Campbell
Carla Daugherty Robert Cowan
Clifton Stubbs Roy Ray
Dale Mason Ryan Holloway
Danielle Kunkle Stephen Passmore
James Fittz Tonya Booth
John Gross Walter Landwehr
John Merifield Wesley Foster
Krista Palmer

Surprised your name isn\’t on this list?  Please click here to verify your current HUPAC contribution settings.

2014 TAHU PAC Contributors

Joe Bahun Bryan Keathley
Tonya Booth Robert Lay
Beth Christensen Dale Mason
Kevin Faherty John Merrifield
Wes Foster Susan Murray
Caryn Tate Gibbons Krista Palmer
Debbie Gilbert David Prewitt
J.B. Gorss Latricia Strutton Petty
Lori Gross Cliff Stubbs
Tiffany Kaiser Audra Sullivan

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Interested in learning more about the state and local PACs? Please contact Legislative Chair: Dale Mason

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