September President\’s Message

\"\"Hi FWAHU’ers,

September 23rd is lingering in the air and you know what that means! Yep-restaurants and vending machines with 20+ locations will now be required to publish nutritional content on their food packaging and menus. What? You thought I was going to talk about… the new 10% tax on fake and bake tans? No, that’s not what came to your mind? If you didn’t know those 2 things were part of healthcare reform, then you probably don’t know if September 23rd is when those changes go into effect. Educate yourself and see if they are real changes and if so, check to see if they are effective September 23rd. As you can tell, this first wave of changes due to healthcare reform encompasses more than meets the eye. If you want to be in the know, I encourage you, grandfathered or not, to attend CE on these relevant topics. I encourage to attend more than one CE. The reform is a work in progress and there is too much to absorb in one CE…you owe it to yourself, your clients, and your industry to stay in the know. Refer to the NAHU website for a great timeline.  Click Here to login. On that note, remember, there is a wealth of information on NAHU’s site from which you can benefit  so spend five minutes today on the site. If you don’t remember your login you can quickly reset it. Just think of all the information you can glean from the NAHU site which you can use to woo people at your next dinner party. (That was a joke, people).

Remember, September is our annual Medicare Vendor event which will be held in Grapevine. We expect 150+ agents. This is an opportunity to get up to date with changes for your senior market, hear a doctor speak about reform from his perspective, get 5 CE, breakfast, lunch, and a snack! Then in October we have Vendor Day with over 15 carriers/GA’s coming to update you on changes to their products as well. Check out our lineup at Remember, challenge the challenges you face. Our industry is in a unique position and you can find creative ways to make this a good and exciting time for your business!

Be Well,

Gentrie Pool, RHU

“Remember, if you don’t get educated here, please, get educated somewhere.”

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