October President\’s Message

\"\"Hi FWAHU’ers!

Come check out our Vendor Update Day on October 14. We have 25 carriers represented. Each will give us a 5-10 minute update. With 4th  quarter being so hectic for everyone, this will be a good ‘catch all’.

With that said, I understand that being in the loop and managing expectations is crucial to any successful relationship. So, FWAHU would like to invite you to a Leadership Training October 21st. Location and time to follow later. This is open to all members. We can go over what you can do as a member to affect change, become involved, and if you are on the board or a committee (or think you might like to be at some point) we can answers questions for you about your position. We would love to have more participation-big or small-from our members as a whole. You are my insurance family and it takes a village to raise a FWAHU!

– Gentrie Pool, RHU

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