June President\’s Message

\"\"Farewell FWAHU\’ers,

This is my last month as your president and concludes 7 years with FWAHU. Ha! I am not going anywhere so you can\’t get rid of me that easily! I am stepping aside and letting your new president do her thing. I am excited to watch Danielle Kunkle embrace this role and look forward to her blowing me a way.  (She has a boat, folks, so convince her to hold luncheons on the lake!)

 Come join us as we introduce to you the 2011-2012 board and honor our FWAHU members for their service this past year at our Donna Carnall Luncheon. We are even stepping up the lunch a knotch, thanks to Lori Gross who does a fantastic job planning our meals each month 😉 So, come hungry! Thank you all sincerely for allowing me to serve you and know throughout this past year, I have learned plenty and made several friends and look forward to seeing you all in the coming chapter year. Remember, you get out of life what you put into it…and that includes FWAHU. This is YOUR chapter so be vocal to your board regarding things you want to see:) We are open and you are invited anytime!

Signed…Gone but not forgotten,

Gentrie Pool. RHU, SGS, CSA

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