January Luncheon: Reid Rasmussen

\"\"Please join us Thursday, January 14th at 11:30am for our first luncheon of the year. Our meeting will feature 2 hours of continuing education from Reid Rasmussen, President of Benefit Brainstorm.

Finding Income Streams in Discount Products

In the middle of the most significant national Health Reform push of his lifetime, Reid Rasmussen quit his job. He launched a company with the intent of being the authority on discount ancillary benefits to the health insurance industry.  In this talk, he’ll cover the development of this market, the breadth of services available, where the unique income opportunities are & why these are the products that every carrier & broker ought to be adding to their suite in 2010. 

Discount ancillary benefits have been a part of many carriers’ products for years.  But as a stand-alone category, they have been largely untapped by agents.  The economic downturn, healthcare reform, and tremendous advancements in the discount products are creating a great market.  This class will address product compliance and planning issues that agents need to be aware of to make for a proper case installation. This class will also address the unique opportunities that are available for large group populations.  While custom solutions can appear complex, by implementing them properly an agent can reduce much of the confusion or mis-communication between the agent and the client. Learning to install discount products with the client needs at the center of the conversation will make for a long-term client.

Why Smart People Propose Stupid Solutions

How is it that so many \”solutions\” currently being proposed for the Insurance industry sound like they are coming from people who have no idea how insurance works?  And how is it that so many Americans are ready to accept these ideas?  Through a group discussion, we will outline the perspectives that these people are coming from. This will have us all better equipped to bridge the apparent gap between their ideas and ours.  It will lead us to find solutions that will actually work in today\’s health care marketplace.

About Reid

After 22 years working in the health insurance industry, Reid Rasmussen launched “Benefit Brainstorm” with the vision of being the authority on discount ancillary products to the insurance industry.  His company helps brokers and insurance carriers maximize streams of income by innovating custom discount solutions for large populations.

An award-winning national speaker, Reid is sought after to explain such topics as Health Care Reform, Socialized Medicine, Emerging Insurance Markets, and the future of the healthcare industry.

Reid was born and raised in the Canadian Rockies, and received a degree in Health Administration from the University of Victoria.  After short stints working for the Canadian government and a British Columbia hospital, he moved to Washington State in 1991.

Since then, he has worked in both Group & Individual sales and management for two insurance companies and two General Agencies.   Prior to launching his company, he spent 6 years as the Carrier Relations Manager for BenefitMall. Through this national experience, he gained a unique insight in recognizing well-run companies and developing markets.  This experience prepared him perfectly to lead the health insurance industry into this new realm.

Reid can be reached at Reid@BenefitBrainstorm.com.

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