HUPAC News – Week of September 1st

It\’s rare to see candidates in a Presidential primary be complimentary towards each other and even less likely for them to hold an event together but that\’s exactly what\’s happening  next month when Congress returns from recess.  Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has invited the leader in the primary polls, Donald Trump to a rally against the Iran Nuclear Deal that will go before Congress in September.   The two candidates for the Republican nomination have been overly friendly with each other, a probable deliberate strategy by Senator Cruz while the other candidates in the field attack Trump.  Even though Cruz has more or less been ignored by the media he is currently a top tier candidate as he runs fifth nationally and more importantly is placing fourth in the polls right now in Iowa.  It seems that Cruz is hoping that once the Trump craze flames out he can pick up a large bloc of his voters which would help propel him in the polls.  The reasoning behind it all is that Cruz and Trump are attracting the same kind of voters.  Both candidates hit a raw nerve in the Republican primary of folks who are tired of the DC establishment and want an outsider to lead the party.  Ever since Cruz entered the Senate he has been a constant thorn on the side of Republican leadership as he\’s lead the charge to shut down the Government over issues he disagreed with including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).  Time will tell whether this strategy pays off for Cruz but for now he\’s putting his chips on the table with Trump.

One of the media\’s favorite Senators is having a hard time gaining any traction in the Republican primary.  Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has failed to make a blip on the national radar or in  the early state polls even after stunts like putting his cell phone in a blender and challenging Donald Trump on multiple occasions.  A recent poll shows that 13 percent of Republicans who never vote for him and zero percent said they would vote for him.  The highest he has polled at any point was two percent.  He isn\’t much better in his home state which also happens to be the third early voting state, where he is polling five percent.  In the mean time it looks like Graham will be competing with fellow 2-3 percent candidates on who will drop out of first.

HUPAC Supported Events

While there were no fundraising events in DC, with Congress on August Recess.  We did have HUPAC members attend events locally and some are planned for next week including; Rep. Robert Pittenger (NC-09) and Brad Ashford (NE-02).

Weekly Reading

Whispers of Vice President Joe Biden continue but Politico Insiders think it won\’t happen.

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