Spring 2012 President\’s Message

As \"\"I near the home stretch of my presidency,  I have recently had several moments to reflect upon our chapter and be simply astounded at the goodwill and camaraderie that exists among us. I\’ve felt proud to represent such a fine group of people -not just agents – but people who care about one another as well as about our industry, clients and future.

In March, we held a public service event at Habitat for Humanity, and on a cold, wet day, several members turned out to put in 7 hours of labor for a great cause. Kudos to everyone who participated in a selfless event that served no other purpose than to help others in need. These are true colors that shine for everyone to see.

In late March, when our FWAHU communications committee reminded members to vote in the upcoming TAHU elections, I received scores of emails from people stating they had participated and taken the time to exercise their vote. I can\’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you take the future of our organization so seriously, and that our chapter is so full of members who don\’t just sit back and watch the world go by, but instead they get involved. You showed that you take TAHU\’s mission seriously, and for that, I think you are simply awesome.

Finally, on April 2nd, we held our annual FWAHU golf tournament benefitting Gill Children\’s services. Past president Kelly Dills has chaired this event for five out of the last six years, and once again this year, he turned out a really incredible event. Beth Stevens and I worked the registration desk, and got to chat with all of our sponsors and golfers. We were also able to observe member interaction with one another, and what we saw everywhere was laughter and good-natured joking and friendly competition – even for prizes like the \”shortest drive\” and \”worst shank\” – which by the way, won a nifty Shankapotomus golf towel. The fact that we can come together and set aside any industry competition that may go on in our day-to-day lives and just enjoy each other as colleagues and friends is a testimony to what a unique and really neat chapter we have.

Furthermore, we raised a considerable sum to benefit our chapter, and we had a nearly full golf course on a beautiful day. Many thanks to everyone who participated, both sponsors and golfers alike.

Looking forward, we have our April luncheon on the 12th, which will also be a fun networking event: It\’s Just Lunch. For those who sometimes can\’t stay after longer CE meetings to join us for happy hour, this meeting will be shorter and hopefully more of you can stay after lunch to enjoy our happy hour sponsored by Alt-Bentley Yates. I hope to see all of you there!

Also, don\’t forget that the TAHU convention is just around the corner in beautiful Corpus Christi. Register now to get a great deal on your room and also take advantage of the early-bird registration fee at www.tahu.org.

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